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CHEAP is an independent project promoting street art as a tool for fueling urban renewal and exploring local geographies. Active year-round with site-specific initiatives, CHEAP organizes an annual festival in Bologna that involves an international open call and a selection of guest artists invited to work on site-specific projects articulated throughout Bologna’s urban and suburban landscape.

CHEAP debuted in May of 2013, born out of the creative affinity and (self) determination of a group of 6 women who recognized paper as the perfect material for this project and invited artists to engage with paste up: poster art began to appear on the walls and notice boards of the city, consistently and collaboratively, for 3 years. Now the story of the project is narrated in an independently published volume released January 28, 2016.

With Studio RAM handling the graphic work, the publication presents descriptions and, above all, photographic documentation of the work of Sten+Lex, Levalet, 2501, Vinz Feel Free, Orticanoodles, BR1, L.E.T. Les Enfants Terribles, Nemo’s, Hyuro, MP5, Lucamaleonte, UNO, Madame, Martina Merlini, Bifido, Werther and Ufo5, AK, Paper Resistance and Omino71.

The catalogue also showcases a selection of the posters from the call for artists: every year, the CHEAP festival offers a space of participation, not only for street artists but also for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and visual artists of all kinds. In response to the call, artists from far-flung countries have sent in their work and CHEAP printed these pieces as posters (70x100cm) and pasted them up on the walls of Bologna’s outskirts. For CHEAP, the call represents a tool for exploring current issues from the bottom-up, promoting the hybridization of expressive languages, supporting active citizenship and fostering the collective re-appropriation of spaces in which people can unleash their creative energies.

The volume includes a special section dedicated to CHEAP On Board project, a collaboration with the city of Bologna. Thanks to a three-year agreement with the Department of Culture, CHEAP has been able to display street poster art and unconventional communication on the city government’s unused notice boards, several hundred boards scattered around downtown Bologna. Various types of projects have been carried out as part of CHEAP On Board: “pure” street poster art, public awareness campaigns, posters communicating the festival’s call for artists, site-specific projects to raise awareness about social issues and materials promoting contemporary local cultural activities. These projects all share a focus on recovering the public space of the notice boards as part of a larger effort to use street art as a tool for urban regeneration, employ visual art to convey content of interest to the public, foster collaboration among artists from various national and international scenes and launch participatory processes involving associations, individuals and other cultural initiatives in the local area.

Publisher: CHEAP books (CHEAP cultural association)

size 24 cm X 34 cm
number of pages 96
languages Italian | English
paper Siro gesso, 400 gr (cover)
Arcoset Extra White, 170 gr (interior)
graphics Studio Ram | Bologna
printed by Tipografia Negri | Bologna
first edition January 2016
cover price 25 euro

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