On Board

The CHEAP on BOARD project is a collaboration between the festival and the City of Bologna: thanks to a three-year agreement with the department of Culture, CHEAP has been able to display unconventional street poster art and communication projects on the city government’s unused notice boards, several hundred boards scattered around downtown Bologna.

Various types of projects have been carried out as part of CHEAP on BOARD: “pure” street poster art, public awareness campaigns, posters communicating the festival’s call for artists, site-specific projects to raise awareness about social issues, and materials promoting contemporary local cultural activities.

These various projects all share a focus on recovering the public space of the notice boards as part of a larger effort use street art as a tool for urban regeneration, employ visual art to convey content of interest to the public, foster collaboration among artists of various national and international scenes and trigger participatory processes involving associations, individuals and other cultural initiatives in the local area.