Orticanoodles | Italy | CHEAP street poster art festival 2014 | guest artist | Via Casini | Bologna

Orticanoodles: the posters and stickers coming out of their workshop in Milan’s Ortica neighborhood run rampant in city streets all over Europe, fueling the subversive flow of urban guerilla visual warfare.

The expert cutters Orticanoodles are exemplary representatives of stencil art: their iconic portraits of leaders and agents provocateurs in the world of art are as POP in their aesthetic as they are in their “stencil on stencil” technique overlapping multiple layers of elaborately cut, intricate matrixes.

As part of their street work characterized by huge celebratory walls, for the CHEAP festival Orticanoodles created a Polyhedric Portrait in the Pilasto neighborhood depicting the poet and partisan Roberto Roversi.