Madame Moustache

Madame Moustache | France | CHEAP street poster art festival 2015 | guest artist | Palestra Cesari | Parco Pasolini | Bologna

The French artist Madame Moustache was trained in set design; it was a short step from appropriating theatrical space to taking over the streets.

With an eye for gender issues and a talent for ridiculing stereotypes, Madame, who defines herself as a collage artist, has specialized in paste-up and developed a retro aesthetic by mixing Nineteenth century photography with 1950s and 60s advertising: the result is large-scale mixed media wall pieces characterized by a fantastical, irreverent imaginary in which the misappropriation of images takes center stage.

For the CHEAP festival she worked on the entire external wall of the Cesari (formerly Le Torri) gymnasium in Pasolini Park in Bologna’s Pilastro neighborhood.