Levalet | France | CHEAP street poster art festival 2015 | guest artist | Piazza Azzarita | Bologna

Levalet’s wild-eyed characters have been populating the streets of Paris since 2012. Following artistic training that progressed from painting to sculpture with a stopover in video installation, this French poster artist felt the lure of the potential creative space of the streets and gave in to temptation.

Levalet creates scenes of both poetry and social critique, portraying through an ironic gaze a vision of humanity crushed by the frenetic pace of daily life and flirting with the possibility of escaping into a naïve and surreal world: he pastes up his hand-drawn India ink figures in an exclusively site-specific perspective, paying close attention to how his characters engage with the surrounding architecture and space through a visual and semantic dialogue.

Levalet’s contribution to the CHEAP festival consisted of 30 pieces displayed in Piazza Azzarita, in Bologna.