Hyuro | Argentina | CHEAP street poster art festival 2014 | guest artist | Autostazione | Viale Masini | Bologna

An Argentinian artist transplanted to Valencia, Hyuro is one of the most interesting artists populating today’s international landscape: having begun her artistic trajectory exclusively within the fine arts, she only recently took up street art but with amazing results and an intensive production that have rocketed her to a high profile position in the urban spaces of multiple European cities.

Hyuro’s poetics is essentially fueled by an ongoing reflection on gender identity: Hyuro’s artistic production uses a minimalist aesthetic to focus on women and their bodies, deploying the female gaze as a lens to critically represent society.

For the CHEAP festival, Hyuro worked on 43 notice boards to create an installation called “Riciclo di emozioni” along Viale Masini in Bologna.