“Negative Spaces 02” is the series 2501 created for the 43 notice boards and wall around Bologna’s central bus station, facing Viale Masini. Jacopo Ceccarelli works under the artist name 2501 bringing together graffiti, painting on canvas, sculpture and video art. Prolific and tireless, he moves just as effortlessly between the gallery and the street as between one continent and another, and in a few short years has become a leading international figure of street art. The “Negative Spaces 02” pieces were painted by hand on 70x100cm sheets of paper. In this series, 2501 engages the ‘empty’ and ‘full’ theme both technically and aesthetically, overcoming this dichotomy by passing over the edges of the notice boards to encroach on the wall itself. A preview of the 2015 Call for Artists theme empty/full, 2501’s series was curated by CHEAP as part of Art City for the 2015 edition of Arte Fiera.