Karol Jóźwiak photos on CHEAP’s board

Whate’er thou be, or shade, or very man!
Dante, Divina Commedia, Inferno, I, 66.

Images from abroad. From the journey to an unknown land, which has become a sort of journey to afterlife. A familiar detail of the Bulgarian cities, the routine of affixing a huge number of obituaries, took me to the meditation on the deep meaning of persistence of the images, in which the ritual, rebirth, mummification, cult of the dead, are the basis of the iconographic production. Today, surrounded by virtual images, we tend to forget their symbolic and metaphorical meaning, bound up to death, transcendence, mystery of incarnation and transfiguration. Sheets of paper that, as the bodies of the portrayed deceased, fade, rot, disappear under layers of other obituaries.

Their documentation has become a sort of metaphorical journey into the underworld, where  Karol Jóźwiak met the eyes of the dead and understood the end hidden under the striking image of the departed.